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last updated: 22 December 2000

  Photos: Eating pizza in Clapham; and drinking in central London with some old pals from High Wycombe.

  Photos: Colourful graffiti in Betts Park.

  Naked body art: a true story
Has anyone ever asked you if you want to appear on live television? Let this story be a warning to you. Read more...

  We went to my brother's second graduation to give him a clap as he collected his piece of paper.

  I travelled to Hartlepool to see my Dad and the family, and took some pictures of my dad's church, and of the family too.

  Why wrapping paper is bad
Please, don't buy any wrapping paper this year. The shocking wastage of paper in day-to-day packaging is bad enough, but Christmas brings out the worst in people. Read more...