Splish splosh
glorious mud

Just two photos of a puddle, that’s all I have for you so far this year:

Booted feet in a pudddle, splish

Floop them up and down, splosh

But they’re good photos, mind you, aren’t they?

The light is excellent. The focus is just right - on the surface of the water, rather than the tops of my boots. If you zoom in right, you can explore a tiny galaxy of bubbles and droplets and teeny tiny tsunami.

Best of all, I’ve managed to capture the movement, the muddy water-y puddle-ness of this muddy, watery puddle.

Mainly by pointing my phone downwards and tapping a button.

I realised a while ago - about the same time that my interest in photography started to dim a little - that the skill of a professional is where you know you can get good results like this every time. The skill of the amateur is when you hope that you’ll get a decent image, but you can’t and don’t have that confidence. My good photos, even after 20 years of dabbling, are still more accident than design.

Not complaining, I should point out. Just sayin’.

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(17 January 2022)