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RSS stickers

I’m not sure where the phrase “Big up the RSS massive” came from [edit, later: it came from Russell, of course] . It’s been doing the rounds for so long that it feels like something from the good old days.

It’s not, though, it’s much more recent, and it’s mainly spoken by a tiny minority of old skool internet types who still use, generate, and care about RSS feeds. I’m one of them.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, stickers tell tiny stories and can spark bigger conversations. So I thought a sticker about RSS might be a good thing, and that’s why I made these. They’re not very well designed, but that’s because I’m not a designer.

If you want one, ask me when you bump into me. I’ll keep them in my bag.

Or, fill out this form. I’ll send out a few in the post.

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(20 February 2020)