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Looking down at my black trainers, at autumnal ground cover made of spectacularly orange pine needles

The rich moron took over the fun community website, and suddenly it feels like a place I don’t want to be, rather than a place I actively like to be. Like a lot of people, I’m spending more time over on the alternative distributed community, Mastodon. I am and I’m enjoying the experience of meeting new friends, as well as finding old ones.

This week’s Masto-highlights also included:

I wrote up some notes on How Mastodon is different if that’s your bag. I liked the little stars.


Screenshot of iA Presenter in action

I’ve been playing around with iA Presenter for a few weeks and I like it very much, although I’ve not actually used it to do a presentation yet. Probably because it’s easy to find opportunities to try writing with it, and much harder to find opportunities to try presenting. It is a very satisfying thing to play around with, though. I’ve got a few invites to hand out if anyone wants one, just email me.


This week’s agile comms masterclass, organised by the lovely people at Staatslabor in Bern, was a lot of fun. I always enjoying doing these sessions, and I always drastically underestimate how exhausting they are. I’m usually completely useless for almost all of the following day. I need to get better at that; tips and suggestions are most welcome.

Exhaustion aside, thanks to anyone reading this who came along to our Zoom call on Thursday, it was great to spend a couple of hours with you.

One thing that fills me with joy is seeing workshop participants getting into the habit of regular weeknoting or similar open-working.

Wonderful stuff all round.


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(11 November 2022)