There was a medical emergency
and some proper worrying

The back of a parked ambulance, parked in a quiet residential street

There was a medical emergency in our road, with several neighbours rushing to help someone in desperate need. We needed extra muscle to lift the patient upright, so I got Barney over to help out too. Two sets of paramedics came, lugging loads of equipment with them. After lots of tests and drama and worry, they decided to take the patient to hospital. As they packed up their stuff and drove off, I patted Barney’s shoulder and said: “And that is why we pay taxes.” Indoctrinate them young.


I’m a paddleboarder now, having tried it out recently. I took my own board out for a spin this week, thinking “I wonder if I’ll see any wildlife?” And I did: a kingfisher swooped in glorious full bright blue colour, just inches from the front of my board. (The bow? Does SUPping use nautical terms? Should I say that it flew from starboard to port? Advice welcome.)

You can’t help gasping when you see one of these little flashy fellas, especially in circumstances like this. I followed it with my head and upper body as it flew into some trees, but kept my feet steady. Didn’t fall off. Very good.


The inside of a tidied shed; everything in its place, and a freshly swept floor

This is what our shed looked like after I spent all day emptying it, clearing out the webs of approx 20 gazillion spiders, chucking out piles of junk, and re-filling it in a neater, tidier fashion. I forgot to take a “before” picture, so just imagine a shed that’s so full of junk that you can barely step inside it - that’s what the before looked like.


Generally speaking, things were pretty quiet this week. Achieved some planning and some faffing and some worrying; proper busyness will kick back in again next week. Proper!

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(30 September 2022)