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Only 338 days to next Christmas. Hi, hello, how’s things?

A colourful sky seen through a plane window

Over the festive holidays we flew to Scotland and back for a family wedding party. This is what things looked like when we were approximately over Preston, according to the announcement the pilot was making at the time. Who knew Preston looked like this from above?

Giles and Kate dressed up smart, surrounded by a rustic wooden picture frame

We scrub up ok when the need arises. Well, Kate does without even having to try. I try, and “scrub up” is about the best I can manage. New suit though.

Made of internet

I like this poster of the world’s largest islands and I want one in my house.

Very much enjoyed this episode of Talking Politics, in which David Runciman breaks down why representative democracy is falling apart, and suggests a couple of ideas for mending it. One of them more radical than you’d expect. Listen to the whole thing.

The Spotify algorithm did a good job with my end-of-year round-up playlist. If you heard me humming something last year, chances are good that it was one of these, especially one of the first three songs.

Estelle Caswell does Uses This. I’m a big fan of her videos about how music works, they’re always fascinating.

Some moody black and white pictures








I keep thinking that I should Do A Year Of Just Black And White. I’m not sure if that’s a daft thing to do, or a good thing to do.

While we’re on photos: Phil Gyford’s comment on Twitter that we should “support the web you want” really struck a chord, and prompted me to cough up to renew my almost-expired Flickr account.

Instagram is losing me, mainly because the advertising is getting so intrusive. And I’m not really interested in stories. I want to download all my photos from it, and I seem to be struggling with that.

Recently in music

Right. Tea break over. Back on yer heads.

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(20 Jan 2019)