Use the human voice

Words, ideas, teams, culture

Use the human voice is a small creative agency that helps organisations and teams communicate like human beings do: simply, clearly, briefly. It’s run by me, Giles Turnbull, owner of this website.

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I have a CV and a list of creative projects that give you a little more insight.

Contact me by email: giles (at)

Some examples of my work:

Screenshot of the I'm A Scientist, Stay at Home website
Coaching and copyediting for the I’m A Scientist team
Photo of 3 issues of Signals periodical
Editing of Signals, a periodical for Public Digital
Two screenshots of pages from the Juno website
Creative copywriting for Juno
Photo of the DFE Delivery Book on a table
The delivery book, an idea I had while helping DfE Digital clarify and simplify their communication strategy
Screenshot of video interview with Hillary Hartley
Empowered teams make services better, faster — one of a series of videos produced for Public Digital
Photo of a simple A4 poster with the words 'Rethinking the register as a piece of national digital infrastructure'
Developing digital comms strategy for HM Land Registry
Photo of a sticker saying "emails (struck through) meetings (struck through) conversations" stuck to someone's laptop
Influencing culture at Defra Digital, and writing A guide to agile communication
Photo of the Doing Presentations website displayed on a laptop screen
Doing Presentations, a collaboration with colleagues
Photo of a proof copy of the Content Design book, with many sticky notes sticking out of it
Editing Content Design, by Sarah Richards
Photo of the "It's ok" poster on a wall.
Learning from my colleagues as part of the creative team at GDS

I can help you with: 

  • working out how to work in the open
  • simplifying and clarifying your message
  • advising your leadership team
  • generating creative ideas
  • building and coaching creative teams
  • writing and editing

Contact me:

  • email: gilest (at)
  • phone: +44 (0) 7939 127917

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