Legal statements


This website does not track you. It knows which website you came from, if you clicked a link on another website to get here, but nothing more than that. It does not track your clicks on any of its pages. It does not track how long you spend viewing its pages. It does not know where you go when you leave.

Use the human voice Ltd does not engage in advertising or promotion. 

We don’t do cold calling or send spam email.

If we’ve already worked for you once, it’s possible we might discuss new work, or the possibility of new work, during the course of normal conversation. Some of that might take place by email. But we will never send you an unrequested email promoting services that are not relevant to our existing professional relationship, or that you haven’t explicitly asked us to send.


Use the human voice Ltd collects and stores no data, except:

  • contact details you supply by contacting the company in the first place (your email address, phone number and so on)
  • financial information for invoicing purposes

None of this data is, or ever will be, shared with any other shared party without you explicitly asking us to do so.

If you wish to see a copy of data relating to you, or would like it deleted, send email to giles (at)

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