I’m open to all sorts of new ways of working and new creative ideas. But if you just want to get things done quickly, and you sort-of know what you’re looking for, this list of services I offer through Use the human voice might be a good place to start:

Clarity audit
(likely to take a few days – a week)

Looking through your existing content with a fresh pair of eyes, finding ways to make it shorter, simpler, sharper, more human. I might re-write some of it; I might write some guidance to help you and your team write that way by yourselves in future; perhaps we might organise a workshop where I talk people through it.

Interim editor-in-chief / clarity director
(likely to be a months-long engagement)

Like the clarity audit (above), but lasting longer and with more emphasis on day-to-day editorial advice. I can also work with your team to help them develop internet-era comms skills.

Kick-start open working
(about a week)

I’ll join your team for a few days of intensive work. We’ll try to tackle as many problems as we can, as creatively and as quickly as possible, using the advice I wrote in A guide to agile communication. The focus is flexible and depends on your needs. It might be about clarity of written content; it might be about coming up with new ideas for communication of specific topics. This first week is about rapid experimentation. It can be extended into a longer relationship if need be.

Making better video
(one day workshop)

How, when, and when not to commission video content. Understanding what video is good for and what it’s not. Understanding how to develop a team’s skills so that you can make good enough videos, in-house, rapidly and at low cost.

Doing presentations
(one – two days of workshops or 1:1 coaching)

Understanding the philosophy of simple slides – why they work, and how to create them. Also, presentation technique: noticing and controlling body language, nerves, the horrors of unpredictable technology. Coaching people to help them be better, more confident presenters.

Want to buy one of these services, or discuss something else? Email me: giles (at)

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