UX London 2022
Doing a writing workshop

Videha Sharma on the main stage

This week I trundled into London for a conference - first time post-pandemic. First time for ages.

I don’t do a lot of conferencing, but this was too good an opportunity to miss. A chance to meet some new people, and outside of conference time, to catch up with some old pals long-unseen. Pandemics really suck don’t they?

I particularly enjoyed sessions by:

My session, mid-conference, was titled Writing for people who hate writing. If you’ve read the book then you’d recognise quite a lot of it, but because it was a workshop I set out to make it more practical.

I got the people who came along to actually try writing things, and actually in the most tricky circumstances possible: surrounded by strangers, in a hot sticky conference venue. I even challenged them to write something exactly 57 words long in 5 minutes, with wonderful results. Huge thanks to everyone who came along.

Thanks also to the Clearleft gang for inviting me along, and making the whole experience fun and relaxed. Good stuff, well conferenced everyone.

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(1 July 2022)