Walking goal: done
1000+ miles


In January this year, Kate and I decided to try walking 1000 miles in 2019.

We did it. As of today, my total distance was 1,181 miles. Well done me. Daily and weekly milage varied enormously, as follows:

There were bad times: a kinda-bad dip in activity in February-March (caused by a foot problem), another much worse dip in the summer (caused by illness and much reduced commuting).

And there were good times: especially the autumn, as I recovered from the summer’s illness and put more effort into regular exercise. My weekly totals shot up.

Rhythms and waves of progress and regression. I guess that’s normal.


I’ve had a few thoughts:

So, target for 2020: 2000 km. Let’s go.


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(29 December 2019)