We went away
Italy's nice

A spectacular cloud

We went away for a bit, to Italy. They do good clouds there. We came home earlier than planned, for reasons I won’t bore you with. I spent a good chunk of time trying to write another book, and I won’t bore you with much about that either; right now, it’s at very early “Does this even work as an idea?” stage, and so far the answer is “Maaayyyybe.”

There’s a lot more I could write about the trip, and photos I could share. I’m in no hurry mind. The internet can wait.


Our neighbour passed away. She was in her 90s, had dementia, and was the kindest, sweetest person you could hope to live next to. We used to sit her cat, back when we first moved here. She would bake us delicious cakes and cookies. She and her husband bought the house when it was brand new - they had memories of our street when it still resembled a building site, of our house when it was still not quite finished. They lived here together for almost 50 years, and as you’d expect, they were entwined with the whole community.


A small internal plumbing job turned into roadworks outside our house, once I discovered that both our internal stop tap and the external one under the pavement were busted. Two lads from Wessex Water turned up and dug a neat, deep hole in remarkably quick time. Two cups of coffee later, our external stop tap was replaced. Then we could get the internal plumbing job done. Everything’s interconnected.


Am planning to use the phrase “fucko boingo” as often as possible from now on, in the right context mind you.


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(23 September 2022)