Weak notes for Friday, 8th November 2013

Editing in Premier Pro

Spent some time actually getting my hands dirty with Adobe Premier Pro this week.

Henry patiently took Matt and I through some of the basics. The basic-est bits are very basic, simple to grasp. We could start putting raw footage into some sort of order in a few minutes, and that was a very satisfying first step.

And as Henry pointed out afterwards, even our amateurish first steps were useful because we knew the raw footage better than Henry did. We could find snippets faster, saving him hours of trawling through.

Next week he's going to show us a bit about After Effects too.

Betimes to Birmingham

The reason for all this messing about in software was Sprint Share, a GDS event in Birmingham. M'colleague Graham Higgins and I were there for the day, photographing and videoing our little socks off. You can see some of the photos in this set, and I suspect the video might appear elsewhere in the coming weeks.

Links made of HTML

Photos this week

Night Bird of prey

Halloween at The Morning News

They have a tradition over at TMN, wherein the writers are challenged to write their own endings for a ghostly tale. This year, the beginning was about disinterring an elderly lady. My chosen ending concerned bad-tempered zombies and an iPhone. Read all: From beyond the grave.

I wrote something else for TMN this week, one of those things that falls out of your head when you're not expecting it to (in my case, during the train journey home from Birmingham). That will probably be published next week.

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(8 Nov 2013)