Weak note for Friday, 22 November 2013

Light through the stairwell windows at GDS

This week at GDS, we did some more bits of filming. We're still experimenting with ideas that may or may not be developed into film proper. One idea required the fabulous Paul Downey to sit and draw cartoons for us, that was fun.

Another project means I'm going to be doing some audio-only interviews soon (next week in fact), which means I'm open to recommendations for a decent quality microphone that plugs into a Mac or an iPhone. Please shout if you have experience of such a thing.

The gorjuss mailing list now has 70 members! Its previous 1990s incarnation got up to about 90-something, so this is good news. On the downside, I've just discovered that all the list archives seem to have vanished from the net, so I shall have to investigate that.

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Idea of the week: The Not Annoying Photo Tagger

I first had this idea years ago, but it keeps coming back into my mind, because the problem still hasn't been solved.

The problem is this: I've got thousands of photos I want to keep, and searching them would be much easier if I could be bothered to tag them appropriately. But I can't be bothered; it feels like too much work to tag each new pile of pics that comes from the digital camera. (Such piles might be as few as 30 pictures, or as many as 600, at a time.)

So I'd like to break the tagging task down into something more comfortable.

My idea is an app, or a plug-in, or some other sort of thing, that periodically asks you to add tags to a small number of random photos plucked from your collection, then shuts up and leaves you alone.

You'd be able to set preferences, of course: how often it interrupts you, any times of day you'd rather it didn't, and how many photos it asks you to tag.

I would ask it to interrupt me after 6pm, maybe twice a week, with just 10 photos each time. They would appear as a bunch of thumbnails, and I'd be able to quickly tab from one to the next, typing tags and separating them with spaces.

There would be a few other controls: a snooze button, for times when the interruption isn't welcome, and perhaps a take me back to this event button, for times when one of the random photo displayed sparks a happy memory and I want to see it larger, along with the others I took that day.

Photos this week

View from the number 134 bus

More GDS light

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