Weak note for Friday, 29th November 2013

Playing around in Audacity

A good week, this one. On top of the usual filming and writing, I got to try a few new things. One of those involved recording some audio and editing it myself in Audacity.

I was quite surprised how easy it was to pick up the basics in Audacity, but I'm very conscious that there's still much to learn. The edited audio sounded better than the raw original, but I need to do many more recordings and editings to get it sounding as good as it should.

Another experiment was to write something on stickies before turning to a computer. In all my years of scribbling, I've never tried this before. I quite enjoyed it.

One more thing: it was my birthday this week. I went through a phase, for some years, of not mentioning my birthday to people. This year I did the opposite, and told everyone. I think that was the better choice.

Makin' radios

Libby Miller kindly sent me some postcards and stickers to do some home-made radio design with.

Here's a couple of my concept radios, and one from the boy, who thought the whole thing was an excellent idea.

Radio number 1

Radio number 2

Barney's radio

Idea of the week

Pharrell's 24hoursofhappy is a lovely thing to see, but not many of us are going to sit through the whole 24 hours of people grinning and dancing their way down sunlit American streets. I wondered if I should make a shorter version - 24secondsofhappy - where each dancer is only seen for one second. I just need 24 people, and I have five already (including me). Anyone else fancy joining in? Just one second. You know you want to.


Finally - after years of dithering and not finding the time and so on - I got myself a Steam account, and one of the very first things I wanted to try was Proteus.

First time in Proteus

This is my kind of game, mainly because it requires no skill whatsoever. There are no lives to be lost, because there's no danger. There are no puzzles to get annoyed with, and no need to go hunting for clues and walkthroughs on the internet. I am, by my own admission of many years, a terrible gamer. So while games have always held my interest, they've rarely felt rewarding to play, because I tend to be so crap at playing them.

Later on, in Proteus

Proteus was made for people like me. We were made to explore, in the real world and the digital one. Curiously, I noticed that one thing I kept wanting to do in Proteus was take screenshots - rather like the urge to take photos when I'm exploring a new place with my camera. I just wanted to see round the next corner, or over the next hill. Lovely stuff.

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(29 Nov 2013)