Weak note, Friday 17th January 2014

A chilly canal-side walk

The year began with a plan to walk more. This year, we shall do (at least) 12 walks, one each month.

Kate and I sat down with some maps and some books of walks, while the boy and a friend of his tore round Swindon ice rink at top speed. We made a shortlist of walks (including some more urban choices for times when the countryside is just too muddy) and felt very pleased with ourselves.

The first walk happened last weekend, and wasn't even one from the list. Friends invited us to join them on a chilly stroll down to the canal, along it in one direction, back again, and up the hill and home again. Seven and a bit miles in all, and it felt good.

Works in progress

A busy week of getting video prepared. Yet again, there's not much I can show for it here yet, but maybe in a few weeks.

I made a spreadsheet. Doesn't happen often, that. Worth noting. Spreadsheets usually give me the heebie-jeebies.

Wrote up half a talk that I'll be giving at Matt Sheret's night where people try stuff out next week. Since it's just trying stuff out, half a talk is all I need. Although it was noticeable how much clearer my thoughts on the subject became once I forced myself to sit down and actually think it through.


Listened to lots this week, including:

Photos of skies

I've been taking lots of sky photos this month.

Sky photo one

Sky photo two

Sky photo three

Sky photo four

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(17 Jan 2014)