Weak note for Friday, 31st January 2014


Postcards are lovely

Good Postcard Club opened for posting on Monday. I had wanted this to happen sooner, just after New Year, but failed to account for the hoops you have to jump through to organise a PO Box. That's a service ripe for transforming, blimey.

Anyway, the word is spreading and the first couple of postcards have trickled in. This morning, munching my breakfast toast, I found myself thinking: "I can't wait for the postman to arrive." Which is exactly the sort of anticipation I want people in the club to feel - that sensation of knowing that good post is almost certainly on its way to you, but you don't know exactly when it will turn up. Today? Tomorrow? How exciting!

You never get that feeling with email.

The people love email newsletters

Dan Hon has an email newsletter now, and it's really good. You should sign up.

More email newsletters:

The video is the message

Lots of busy busy at GDS, putting together videos for events. Can't show you them right now, though, so here's a photo of some chairs.


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31 Jan 2014