Visiting Doctor Who
monsters in Cardiff


It was half term, so B and I drove to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who exhibition. It was a rainy, chilly, cloudy day. Perfect for being indoors and saving the universe.



There’s an “interactive” bit first, a mini adventure you go through with a crowd of other visitors. Nicely done, good effects that are cheesy in just the right way, inevitable monsters.



But my favourite bit was the monster parade and costume display at the end. We got to see loads of real Daleks and Cybermen. Tom Baker’s real huge scarf, and Clara Oswald’s real red dress. There were memories from my childhood and from B’s more recent one.




Afterwards we walked through the rain to the nearest cafe, to eat cake and consider the nature of spacetime. B hummed the Who theme tune. Almost everywhere you look in central Cardiff, you find yourself looking at a Who filming location. The exhibition stretches beyond the exhibition building, it embraces the whole town.

We bought a packet of Jelly Babies in honour of the 4th Doctor, and drove home.

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(18 February 2016)