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Working in the open

A whiteboard with a poster saying SHOW THE THING and added stickies saying OK YES BUT HOW?

At the risk of repeating myself a bit (because I’ve written about this on the Content Design London blog already), I have some news: in October, I’ll be running a 2-day training course called “Working in the open”.

Dates: 20-21 October
Location: Waterloo Creative Studio, London
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Yes it’s sort of the training course of the book.

But it goes a bit deeper than that. People often say that working through comms problems with me face-to-face feels a bit like therapy, so we’re going to embrace that on this course.

I’m not just going to repeat things I wrote in The agile comms handbook (although I’m sure plenty of those things will crop up); I’m also going to be getting participants to open up to the rest of the cohort about the comms challenges they’re up against. Together, we’re going to talk them through and try a few practical ideas for tackling them.

I’ve sat through boring training courses before: the goal here is to not be one of those.

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(8 August 2022)