Yorkshire rocks
oh yes they are


We spent a week in Yorkshire, based in Ripon. After many years of UK holidays in the south west (we’ve done a lot of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and south Wales), it was time to explore places we don’t know so well. I hadn’t been to Ripon since I was a small child; so we went there.

Of course there’s Fountain’s Abbey and that was as spectacular as we expected it to be, and it came with free artworks in the grounds - including this ↑: Spiked, by Steve Messam.


The rest of the week was mainly walks, and it was mainly walks in rocky places with good geology, so that was me sorted. Brimham Rocks had been on my list for a long time, so we spent a decent amount of time getting lost there. I went back for seconds later in the week, while Kate did something else.



And there was a day getting to know Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. Just gorgeous, all of it.

In between these rocky things, we explored some dales and got a bit damp. The weather was changeable. Yorkshire innit.

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(26 September 2021)