Hello from Studio Galen
my new home for work

View from my office window, of old town rooftops

This week I moved to a new work space.

It’s called Studio Galen, part of a co-working site collectively known as Studio Bacchus.

From my windows I can see the higgledy-piggledy rooftops of Bradford on Avon. Downstairs there’s a co-working room with various friendly people tapping away at their computers. Next door to mine there’s another studio, rented by an artist.

Galen was a Greek physician and philosopher, who lived and worked in Rome almost 2000 years ago. Yeah, I had to look the name up on Wikipedia too.

His face is carved in the stonework on the outside of this building, along with other faces from antiquity: Bacchus, the god of getting trashed at parties, Minerva, Ariadne, Hygeia and others.

View of the building from across the road; you can see the carved faces above each window

The building is perched on a sharp corner on a busy-ish main road that runs through the centre of town. It started out as a some sort of commercial distribution hub more than 100 years ago. Later it was divided into office units; more recently, it was renovated and became a modern co-working space.

My office has gorgeous, huge, arched windows overlooking the street. I can see people walking up and down the hill, and hear the sounds of the town going about its business. It’s a completely different atmosphere to my last workspace, which was bigger and more modern and more isolated, hidden away on an industrial estate. Studio Galen is more central, more sociable, and more accessible: it’s about 5 minutes walk from my house.

If you happen to be in Bradford on Avon, or even passing nearby, and you fancy popping in to say hello, let me know. There are comfy chairs here too, and plenty of tea and coffee. It’s only a couple of minutes walk to shops that sell cake. There’s a pub just over the road. Just sayin’.

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(14 July 2022)