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Some of the happy punters at my first Working In The Open course
People learning how to work in the open

2022: best year yet.

I know, I always say that. But still: best year yet.

Let’s list some highlights, yeah?

This was a terrific year because of the breadth and variety of work. I’ve met a whole bunch of new people and forged new professional relationships. The book definitely helped with that - thanks, book.

The DCX team at HL

A long-term engagement with Hargreaves Lansdown will be winding down early in 2023; I can’t say much about that but I can say that the HL team are a truly fantastic bunch of lovely people. DCX team, you will always have a place in my heart.

Talking of great teams, I did some more work this year with Brink, helping with their new website and with some writing coaching for team members.

A close up of 'Lumino' typed in iAWriter on my Mac
Must have been a typing day

This year I started working with Lumino, a startup whose goal is “better mental health for everyone”. That was lots of fun. Other work: with Panda, Q at The Health Foundation, Atkins Global, Williams Consultants, Cydea, Nile and more. Phew.

Editing! I did some editing too:

Publishing! This year I wrote:

I moved to new working premises at Studio Galen, which connected me to more brilliant people and ultimately resulted in buying a paddleboard. As you do.

Credit due

The people who particularly inspired and helped me this year:

❤️ and 🙏 to all of you.

What’s planned for 2023

So. Yes. Lots:

Am I ready for a few weeks off? God yes. So much yes.

The story so far:

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(15 December 2022)